This is what happens when you give an eleven year old a game engine!

I always wanted to make games when I was a little kid. My favorite games were first-person shooters such as Wolfenstein, Doom, and Duke Nukem 3D. My programming knowledge was limited to QBASIC so I was unable to create the games I envisioned.

One day, while using a local BBS, I stumbled upon the "Pie in the Sky Software Game Creation System." The authors claimed that someone with no programming knowledge could create first-person shooters with it. So I ran to my parents and begged them to order it for me. I got hundreds of hours of entertainment out of the software. So I guess the $70 was worth it.


This is one of the games I created with the GCS (game creation system). The weapons, enemies, and textures are the same ones that were bundled with the GCS for the most part. I added some textures and modified some of the enemy artwork. The game only has one enemy.

I don't even remember what the plot for the game was supposed to be. It was something along the lines of "Earth's population has been infected by something so now people are evil zombies that want to kill you." An evil corporation was involved. Evil corporations always make a plot more interesting.

The actual gameplay is completely incoherent. You just kill your way from one random level to the next (the levels are pretty small). This version doesn't even have an ending. You're just sent back to the first level after you beat level 4.

Praise for Outnumbered

"I remember seeing Outnumbered and thinking it was crap. I see it now, and I see that it was crap" - Cam Dillard


I didn't know how to spell yet. What's a generator lab?

Wait a second... this game has a plot?

Your character kicks really hard.

I painted those windows on the texture. Do you see how well I aligned them?


Here is a version of the game I managed to recover from an old hard drive

You wont be able to get this old DOS program running on a windows machine. It runs well under the x86 emulator DOSBox. Increase the CPU cycles using ctrl+f12 in DOSBox and it should run smoothly. From the command prompt, change to the game's directory and enter "go s1" to play the game with sound (or just "go" to play without sound).

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